PROJECT BRIEFEast Manchester Youth Zone is committed to providing the highest quality of support to young people and are keen to invest in the best facilities, including LED lighting. Steon’s lighting designers were tasked with creating a scheme for the whole facility. The requirements of these areas were diverse with varied activities taking place within them; including a climbing wall, performing arts studio, fitness suites, recording studios and other communal and reception areas. SPECIFIED LIGHTINGNiko LEDNiko LED


    • Available in three lengths
    • Surface or suspended mounting
    • IP44


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  • HAMILTON HOUSE, <br />
    Project BriefSteon Lighting were approached to design, manufacture and deliver a solution which would improve overall lux levels and conserve energy whilst also ensuring compliance with emergency lighting standards. Steon’s Technical Projects Manager highlighted the benefits of the new PRO ECO system and suggested this would be the ideal solution for Hamilton House. By including PRO ECO within the scheme, Places for People are able to pro-actively and passively manage the maintenance of their estate. Specified LightingPRO ECOPRO ECO
    • Control and monitoring system
    • Automated emergency function and duration testing
    • Access to real-time lighting performance and reports
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  • TotalCool Ltd.
    PROJECT BRIEFTotalcool Ltd approached Steon for an efficient and reliable lighting solution for their workshop. Due to the industrial nature of the project, Steon supplied a selection of standard and emergency 5ft Challenger LEDs to create a comfortable working environment. SPECIFIED LIGHTINGCHALLENGER 66 LEDCHALLENGER 66 LED
    • IP66 rated
    • IK10 shock resistance
    • Corrosion resistant
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  • Belfast Harbour <br />
Victoria Terminal 3
    PROJECT BRIEFSteon collaborated with Light Source to provide suitable gantry lighting for the new Reefer Towers at Victoria Terminal 3. Due to the location and close proximity to Belfast Lough, a robust solution capable of withstanding the harsh saline environments was required. The harbour was keen to explore low maintenance and energy efficient options, however short lead times were extremely important. SPECIFIED LIGHTINGChallenger 66 LEDChallenger 66 LED
    • IP66
    • IK10
    • Luminous efficacy up to 168lm/W


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  • Hull Royal Infirmary<br />
Ward 36
    PROJECT BRIEFHull Royal Infirmary is fully committed to delivering the highest quality of care and support to patients and are always trying to improve the hospital experience where possible. With this in mind, Steon’s lighting designers were tasked with creating a scheme for the patient rooms, circulation areas and reception areas etc. which would provide a nurturing atmosphere for patients as well as a dynamic working environment for staff. The hospital was also keen to benefit from long lasting and durable LEDs in the interest of minimising energy consumption.Specified LightingAtlas LEDAtlas LED
    • CRI 80
    • Luminous efficacy up to 154lm/W
    • Optional emergency, DALI, RIC
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    PROJECT BRIEFStockport Homes Group were looking for a contemporary solution for the office areas to deliver an aesthetic uplift, whilst the requirements of the depot and stores prioritised durability and serviceability. However, the overarching goal of the scheme was to create a comfortable work space for all employees throughout all departments whilst also benefitting from reduced costs associated with utilising the latest LED lighting technologies. Specified LightingChallenger 66 LEDChallenger 66 LED
    • IP66
    • IK10
    • Corrosion resistant


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    PROJECT BRIEFBerners Close has recently been part of a £6 million project to deliver affordable homes in Grange-over-Sands. As part of the project, Steon Lighting were appointed to supply modern and energy conscious LED lighting for the Railway flats and other external areas.SPECIFIED LIGHTINGALLEY PACKALLEY PACK
    • IP65
    • High performance and energy conscious
    • Aesthetically pleasing
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    Project BriefSteon Lighting were approached by Quartzelec Ltd. to collaborate in providing Alstom with more sustainable and maintenance free lighting schemes for 7 of the 12 pit lanes at their Manchester facilities.Specified LightingAlley PackAlley Pack
    • Wall mounting
    • BESA box provision
    • Removable gear tray


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    Project BriefLiberty Living is one of the UK’s largest providers of student accommodation, working with over 30 university partners in 17 cities. They utilise high quality sustainable design which creates accommodation that is very popular to students nationwide. Sir Charles Groves Hall, located in the heart of Manchester, has recently been refurbished to improve aesthetics and maximise energy efficiency.Specified LightingOrbit LEDOrbit LED
    • Wall or surface mounting
    • High performance energy efficient Osram surface-mount-device (SMD) LEDs
    • Average 50,000 hrs LED life
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